Whiskey Puppy Band Bio:

Whiskey Puppy plays boot-stomping, mule-slapping traditional bluegrass and old time music. The Portland, OR trio brings energy, humor, and skillful musicianship to little-known songs and tunes searched out from the repertoires of the early Southern string bands. Known for sweet three-part harmonies and their collection of chew toys, Whiskey Puppy has been performing since 2001, including their 2005 “Kiss the Puppy” cross-country tour and 2008 tour of the Netherlands. They have appeared to howling acclaim at bars and festivals all over the West Coast. Whiskey Puppy features Rachel Gold (The Flat Mountain Girls) on guitar, Justin Auld (Redwood Highway) on banjo and fiddle, and Travis "Tater" Harrison (Jackass Willy, Meremoto) on bass. Justin and Rachel are the first-Saturday hosts of KBOO’s (90.7 fm Portland) Music from the Truevine show.

2001: Pork Dungeon (hair of the puppy)
2003: Love Storm (puppy style)
2005: Fate of Man (before the dawn of pants)
2008: Unleashed